Foot Fetish Valencia's Candid Stinky Size 10.5 Soles Part 6 porno video

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Valencia's Candid Stinky Size 10.5 Soles Part 6

Valencia's Candid Stinky Size 10.5 Soles Part 6

---Meet Valencia--- --Size 10.5 Feet-- --24 years old-- ---So Valencia hit me up to do a shoot about 3 weeks ago,right when I was done for the month.When I saw her I couldn't pass her up and we set up a shoot for that week.My pictures won't do her justice but she has a great unique and very sexy look to her.She is about 5'9 and has a great body and appeal to her. She said she had never did a foot shoot before and was really excited to do 1.She said in a shy way that her feet were really big and I told her I prefer women with larger feet and she felt better/excited to hear that.I liked this girl instantly because she was just so cool and easy going on the phone.I asked to see a few pics of her feet before we finalized everything and she did that night.Everything looked fine to me and we scheduled the shoot the next day.I was hoping she wasn't going to flake on me but she actually showed up 30 mins early and I was nowhere near ready lol.I was rushing to get dressed and up set up. She is my kind of girl.She has that sexy alternative look to her.She has many piercings,tattoos and just a wild look.Her body was bangin and I couldn't help but stare.She went and changed in to jeans and a t-shirt and we got started.Her feet in person were so huge that it was like 3d the way they stood out lol.She was wearing her old beat up flats and her feet were warm looking and sweaty.We instantly got along and this is definitely the kind of chick that is just laid back and you can kick it with.She was a pro at moving her feet around and had a ton of energy.Her soles were big,wide,sweaty and super wrinkly.She had really long toes as well.I loved how wide and wrinkly her soles were.It definitely caught and kept my attention.You could also tell that she had very soft soles. We were having a good time and talked about everything including our fetishes.She asked me abunch of questions about feet and told me her fetish was ties.I was like Ties? and she said yup and started laughing.She mentioned how she loved seeing people in ties and has even used them during sex.She also mentioned that she is Bi sexual and definitely a freak in some ways.She is very open minded and just enjoys life for what it is.This girl had a rather rough life but it molded her into who she is today.She also mentioned how active her life was and that she use to do kick boxing,was a football player,volleyball player,swimmer,ballet dancer,stripper at 1 point and just an all around bad ass lol.She was really funny and we were having a blast shooting. We went to my room to do a few more videos and her interview.I had wanted to know what her feet smelled like all shoot long lol.I asked to smell them and she put her foot right in my face and I buried my face in it lol.It felt like it was 100 degrees and super sweaty and warm.It had a very nice slightly stinky smell to them that I liked.Now,she is kinda OCD about having clean feet and not having them smell at all and says her feet never really smell but her old flats definitely made her feet stink lol.We did her interview and it came out so fucking Amazing!!.....This girl is definitely 1 of my coolest models and she has the perfect personality and attitude and it shines in her 15 min interview.It was really funny and you get alot of insight into her. No lie,I expected a footjob from this girl but it didn't happen.I so wanted her feet all shoot and it would've been so incredible because her feet are so big and soft.She said maybe later and that we have to take baby steps to that lol.We both died laughing about it and she said that she has given a footjob 1 time before.She described it as awkward and hard to do but her ex came from it.She didn't mind it but you can tell that it is something she feels she is not good at and kinda intimidated by it because she hasn't done it much.That's happen plenty before and I have had girls say how sex is so much easier and that they just don't know what to do or how to give a footjob which the mood and fun for them. It was cool tho and she let me smell them as long as I wanted.When I did the quick smell before the interview I couldn't quite describe the smell to her.So while I was in heaven burying my face in her huge soles she kept asking me how they smell.I honestly still don't know lol.They were nice and stinky tho.I would say a 7/10 and it just smelled liked old flats,sweaty and kinda pungent especially between her toes.She was going crazy wiggling her toes and kinda pressing her feet on my face and kicking it at times lol.She was having fun and seem to like it.She also liked the way my beard felt on my feet.I would've kept going but the way she was laying was hurting her nipple rings lol.We did 2 more videos after that and I took a few pictures.We kinda ran out of time and I definitely didn't get many pictures as I wanted.However I will definitely be bringing her back and she promised she would have her feet super stinky for me. I will be adding her clips to my clipstore starting tonight and through the week. Please make sure to checkout her clips out.If you love women with big feet then she is perfect for you.I have watched these clips many many times including today lol.I just cant get enough of her and her big wrinkly soles and long toes.

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Valencia's Candid Stinky Size 10.5 Soles Part 6

Valencia's Candid Stinky Size 10.5 Soles Part 6

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