Foot Fetish Tickling And Laughing Experiences - The Ticklish Boss porno video

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Tickling And Laughing Experiences - The Ticklish Boss
Tickling And Laughing Experiences - The Ticklish Boss

A boss lady and her assistant comes back to their hotel room after a long day filled with meetings and they both feel kind of tired especially the boss lady so she goes to bed right away but the assistant stays up a little longer browsing through her phone but she also soon wants to go to bed. When she opens the door to the bed room she can hear the boss snoring and she gets an idea, the boss always seem so serious and is pushing around the assistant so she figures the boss lady needs to relax a little and the assistant has the perfect solution.
She lifts up the covers from the bosses feet and starts tickling her socked feet first and the boss doesn't react that much to the tickling she just keeps snoring and moving her feet a little, after a while the assistant removes the socks carefully so the boss doesn't wake up and now she starts tickling the bosses bare feet and the boss giggles a little and wiggles her toes, the assistant soon notice there's a feather lying on the desk next t the bed almost as the boss wants to get tickled the assistant grabs the feather and starts gliding slowly up and down the bosses feet and in between her toes making the boss giggle and snore while wiggling and spreading her toes. After a lot of feather tickling the assistant switches back to her fingers and tickles the boss even more but the boss soon wakes up wondering whats tickling her and she notices that her assistant is tickling but she acts like shes asleep proving to the assistant she can resist the tickling and now for the rest of the video the boss has to struggle not to laugh but she sometimes giggles because it tickles so much and after a long time of resisting the tickling she bursts out laughing begging the assistant to stop tickling her but the assistant continues for a while but then gives the boss a break and waits for the boss to be angry but instead the boss thanks the assistant for tickling her because it relieves a lot of stress from her when she can just let everything go and laugh and the assistant is surprised that the boss liked it and the assistant says now that she knows that the boss likes getting tickled she can tickle the boss whenever she want and then the assistant start tickling the boss again and the boss laughs begging her to stop but soon the boss pull away her feet and says she had enough tickling for today but if she need to be tickled she knows the assistant is the perfect person to come to and then they laugh and go to bed.

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