Foot Fetish Cruel Girlfriend - Blackmailed, Ruined, Exposed porno video

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Cruel Girlfriend - Blackmailed, Ruined, Exposed
Cruel Girlfriend - Blackmailed, Ruined, Exposed

Have you thought about where your unfortunate predicament is going to end sissy? You're being blackmailed by a total bitch that has just one objective - to financially RUIN you. Taking every single penny you have, forcing you into a pit of debt, taking control of all your assets - your home, your car, anything you have of any value. I'm going to bleed you dry and take you to the point of total financial destruction. Dangling the blackmail material i have against you over your head to make sure you give me EVERYTHING. You know that it would be so much worse for you if the photos of you all dressed up like a sissy fairy faggot got into the hands of certain people. So much worse than having to pay me huge amounts to keep the humiliating images a secret. I would LOVE to fuck up your whole life and send all this blackmail material to your wife, your friends, your work colleagues and family. I'd love to imagine their faces as they open pictures of you in your sissy uniforms sucking cock for me. Licking my boots clean, slurping on used condoms and taking my big strap-on cock. They'd be SO disgusted with you. But your regular blackmail payments keep me from exposing you - for now. Sooner or later you'll run out of ways to pay me. You'll have exhausted all avenues of finance. That's when your blackmail ordeal comes to its natural end and I EXPOSE you. It doesn't matter how loyal you've been or how on time your payments have been. As soon as I've financially ruined you it's time to finish you off and totally fucking expose you. That's the only way this game ends loser.

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