Foot Fetish Bratty Foot Girls - Ivory Soles - The Sock Spirit porno video

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Bratty Foot Girls - Ivory Soles - The Sock Spirit
Bratty Foot Girls - Ivory Soles - The Sock Spirit

After being tricked into buying a house, Ivory is told that the house she bought has a spirit living in the house. This spirit loves feet so it requires the person living there to go barefoot forever. Ivory is foot shy so she doesnt listen and continues wearing shoes and socks.

First scene has Ivory sitting on the couch in socks talking about what the realtor said with the spirit but she is skeptical and doesnt quite believe it. She goes to leave but finds that the bottom of her socks are stuck to the ground. She tries to lift them off but cant, as shes struggling(the camera can be close up on her feet) the spirits hand slides across the ground and slides under her socked foot, pulling on the sock as if it want them gone. Ivory wonders what is gonna happen as the spirit takes scissors and starts cutting off the sole of her sock and rubbing on her now bare sole with its fingers. It then takes the other foot and cuts the sole off that sock too. Playing with her bare soles for a bit before Ivory leaves the house barefoot to get away.

The 2nd scene Ivory comes into the house but her shoes are quickly covered by a sheet, which is pulled away to reveal just her socked feet now. She sits down to examine when the spirit quickly begins rubbing on her socked feet before cutting the soles off her socks again, pushing the ruined socks up her feet and playing with her bare feet. Ivory puts on new socks and goes to leave but the spirit trips her and traps her legs as it cuts hole after hole into her socks until shes barefoot.

The final scene Ivory is sitting on her knees with her feet behind her when the spirit sneaks up. It puts a cloth over the shoes, pulling it away to reveal just her socked soles, it cuts down the middle of both socks to bare her feet as she notices after. She goes to put on the last pair of socks she owns but when she goes to leave she is knocked out. When she awakes she is tied up. The spirit cuts off the toes, soles, and heels of the socks, before cutting them all the way off to play with her barefeet until the end of the video.

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