Foot Fetish Savage Soles - Lola Throat Fucks Skyler porno video

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Savage Soles - Lola Throat Fucks Skyler
Savage Soles - Lola Throat Fucks Skyler

Lola looks so happy with the girl pain-slut Skyler on her knees, her big calf flexing as she foot gags the small girl, repeatedly forcing her to "Open" and face-fucking her in action of jaw-dropping cruelty. "Make yourself gag on it," Lola tells the girl at her feet, smiling and celebrating in an eye-popping outfit. She makes the remarkable Skyler lie down on her back against the hardwood and bites her lip in pleasure as she jack-hammer foot gags her from above, saying "Squirm baby" as the tiny girl looks like she's flopping on a ship's deck, her throat pinned there by the bigger girl's foot. The cruel Lola laughs. Skyler gags in agony; Lola pinches her nose off; Skyler gags as Lola rams her foot in from the side. She wipes her spit off on the sub girl and violently wedges her heel into her mouth, telling her to "Suck on it" before getting off on turning Skyler purple in her double foot choke - her calves flexing. The tall, long, soccer-legged girl stands on the bench with Skyler's neck bent painfully back. She mocks her and hurts her from far above. A deep and violent foot gag makes the pretty little sub ill, and retch, as she screams into Lola's foot. Still above her, face-fucking her, the hot girl loves Skyler's panic; she kicks her in the face when Skyler's too scared to follow commands and makes her gag violently. The mean girl smiles wide and bright as she takes Skyler's wind away with a nose pinch/foot-over-mouth press that has Skyler flailing on the wood floor and Lola laughing as if she is the devil, her brown hair falling on her pale shoulders as Skyler cries in pain. Lola punishes her mouth - a double fishhook; she then continues prying with one foot and ramming into her mouth the other - then has the weaker girl crying and in mortal fear with both feet in her mouth threatening to break her jaw with a double foot gag. Amazing Skyler can widen her tiny mouth to such width and that Lola is mean enough to facilitate it. Skyler is crying at the same time Lola tells her "I love feeling the back of your throat." The violence increases; Lola's calves again flex as Skyler squeaks, crying in another double foot choke. Lola laughs, rocking her neck by her throat with her wide foot buried inside her bitch for the day. Skyler is in trouble, flailing hard on the deck again with the tall beauty's foot slipping deeper into her throat - Skyler begging her to stop, as best can be heard with a foot jammed down her throat. Complete ownership of the tiny girl Skyler, mascara streaking her face, by the big girl with the porcelain skin and sadistic streak.

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