Foot Fetish Princess Amber - Whole Paycheck Foot Worship porno video

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Princess Amber - Whole Paycheck Foot Worship
Princess Amber - Whole Paycheck Foot Worship

Its actually kind of funny how I used to actually "work" for a living before I learned that I could make WAY more money just by treating losers like krap and basically letting them PAY to worship me for being so young and hot and PERFECT. Because let's face it- I AM perfect. Especially my feet. My PERFECT size 6 feet.

This freak cashed out his entire paycheck (as I had ordered him to do if he wanted to worship me!) and he has been waiting here like a fool for me with with over $1,000 in his teeth and his head pressed to the floor in "worship position". (How long has he been waiting there like that? I have no idea...nor do I care!)

So I proceed to make him slowly hand over his entire paycheck bill-by-bill as he kisses my perfect feet...until it is ALL in my hands! I have this pathetic fool's entire paycheck in my pretty little fingers within a matter of minutes- and he handed it all over just so he can kiss my FEET! Fucking pathetic if you ask me...but its great for ME! I'm too pretty to really "work" I think letting losers hand over their paychecks just to worship at my feet is what I deserve.

Oh, and I make sure to count the bills out over and over right in front of the foot-freak's face to rub it in that I just took it ALL from him. He begins crying and literally BEGGING for me to leave him some to "live on" until his next paycheck! And my answer, NOPE! Come crawling back when you have MORE for me, loser!!

Honestly, I think if more girls knew about being a "Mean Girl" then probably NO hot girl would EVER work again.

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