Foot Fetish Foot Assassins MindFuck JOI - The Queens porno video

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Foot Assassins MindFuck JOI - The Queens
Foot Assassins MindFuck JOI - The Queens
Foot Assassins MindFuck JOI - The Queens
Foot Assassins MindFuck JOI - The Queens

One night after work he returns to his office to find the door slightly ajar upon entering he finds you both on his office. You greet the detective and he locks the door behind him and asks what you’re doing in his office you explain who you both are and tell him you’ve been looking through his computer and found some interesting stuff. The detective left his personal email open so you went looking through his emails for information, but found several emails from foot fetish websites you remark on the irony that the detective tracking you would also have a foot fetish, you then tease him by saying that perhaps it isn’t a coincidence, maybe he took a special interest in this case and secretly wishes to be another one of your victims. Then you both take off your shoes and watch as the detective squirms trying to resist staring at your feet. After a few minutes you can visually see a bulge through his pants so you order him to take his dick out and start stroking it. He does so unable to resist your seduction. You relentlessly tease him with your feet asking him if he got turned on hearing of how you would seduce your previous victims with your feet before eradicating them and tease him about how weak he is and how easy he is to seduce. When you can see that he is close to cumming, you tell him that you want him to erase all the evidence he has on you and he is going to assist you in covering up your future crimes and. You tell him that his webcam for his computer has been recording this whole time and the feed is being uploaded to one of your cloud drives, so he can’t refuse you if he doesn’t want the video getting out, you also mention that you could just make him another of your victims right now too. The detective agrees to everything you want from him, so you allow him to cum. You laugh at him while he cums all over himself. You tell him to get to work in erasing the evidence and tell him that there could be rewards for him if he does a good job before leaving him to clean up his mess.

Anyway that’s my whole idea, feel free to improvise a little with this, as it’s just a guideline and thanks for reading this I hope you have fun with this.”

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